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Park Information

In accordance with current Covid guidelines, the City of Foster City has designated a Picnic Plaza Area with 10' x 10' areas marked off. The areas are 6' away from other 10' x 10' areas.

  • When you select to eat your meal in Leo Ryan Park you will receive wristbands for all members in your group to enter the Picnic Plaza Area.

  • You are allowed to bring blankets, chairs and tables.

  • Tarps or tents with a floor are not allowed. These items burn the grass underneath.

  • Canopies and shade umbrellas are allowed; however, you are not allowed to stick stakes in the ground. You need to secure these items without staking them in the ground. Sandbags, water jugs, concrete blocks may be used as weights to secure the item.

Note: If the Covid guidelines change and the City of Foster City changes the plan for the Picnic Plaza Area before July 4th, we will update this page. If you have made a purchase for food in the park we will email the updated plan to you.

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